Gilbert Levy, percussion

    Born and raised in New Orleans, Gilbert Levy began playing drums at an early age and by his late teens was performing professionally in R&B bands in clubs on Bourbon Street and with jazz greats such as Wynton and Branford Marsalis. Levy moved to Los Angeles in his late 20’s and played pop music in numerous bands and on several major label recording projects.

    His years of experience in pop/rock/jazz/R&B as well as world music give Levy the ability to create rhythms that are musical and music that is rhythmic. He is known for his expressive and exuberant performances both onstage and in recordings. He credits his years of North Indian classical music studies for creating his unique style. He also plays African and Middle Eastern hand percussion as well as a very unique personalized drum set and the evocative Swiss metal hand drum called the “hang” which is featured on much of their music.

    Years ago, after a hand injury led Levy to take a break from hand drums, he started to explore stringed instruments and their new album features beautiful performances on the African bass harp (ngoni) on the track “Midnight in Bamako” and the bass dulcimer and Turkish saz on numerous tracks. He also uses his extraordinary technical expertise to engineer and mix recordings for Mystic Journey. 
    With his wife Suzanne Teng, he has created music for yoga and acupuncture DVDs and several films including  the documentaries “Raw for 30” and “Beirut Rising.”