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Praise for the Taos Chamber Music Group!

"One of the great treasures of Taos" -The Taos News
"Big magic...silken ensemble playing"
-Albuquerque Journal
“A remarkable concert of juxtaposed styles”
-Horse Fly
“Depth, vitality and inventiveness”
-Spencer Beckwith, KUNM
TCMG presents "Good Company with Chatter!"

The Taos Chamber Music Group's 26th season continues with a Chatter-style program on Saturday, January 12 that includes music, poetry and two minutes of silence. In keeping with Chatter’s morning programs in Albuquerque and at SITE Santa Fe, there will be a 10:30 a.m. performance at the Harwood Museum in addition to the 5:30 p.m. show. (No Sunday concert.)

Emblematic of its adventuresome programming, the Chatter string quartet will play Meredith Monk’s "StringSongs," Philip Glass’s “Company” String Quartet #2 and Gabriela Lena Frank’s "Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout." TCMG flutist Nancy Laupheimer joins them for Andrew Norman’s "Light Screens," and Taos poet Olivia Romo will perform. Chatter musicians include David Felberg, violin/viola, Megan Holland, violin, Kim Fredenburgh, viola, and James Holland, cello.

“The Chatter music series is one that I admire the most,” says Laupheimer who is also TCMG’s Director. “The fact that every Sunday of the year is filled with innovative programs of music and poetry is rather astounding and real tribute to its Artistic Directors James Shields and David Felberg.”

Felberg is a long-time friend and frequent participant in TCMG concerts, and Laupheimer has heard Chatter performances several times, including most recently at SITE Santa Fe. “I thought if Chatter is going to Santa Fe, why not bring them to Taos in the same wonderful format.” Chatter is known for electrifying shows, often of contemporry chamber music, that include a reading by a poet and a “two-minute celebration of silence.”

Laupheimer sees the TCMG presentation of “Good Company” as a continuation of the very successful “Beyond Borders” that TCMG presented in December. Gabriela Lena Frank’s stirring work “Leyendas: An Andean Walkabout,” in particular, expresses the idea of transcending boundaries through cross cultural influences. Frank says “the piece draws inspiration from the concept of mestizaje as envisioned by the Peruvian writer José María Arguedas, where cultures can coexist without the subjugation of one by the other. As such, this piece mixes elements from the western classical and Andean folk music traditions."

Poet Olivia Romo, who was the New Mexico State Slam Poetry Champion in 2011, was chosen to be part of this program especially because her poetry is deeply connected to the land and the cultures of Taos. With regard to mestizaje, Romo says “most if not all of my poetry focuses on my mixed indigeneity and the celebrations of my unique cultural experience growing up in Taos.” Her language as a bilingual poet is immersed in the regional Manito dialect and culture of Northern New Mexico, and she focuses her activism and poetry to educate and mobilize New Mexicans around the risks and uncertainties of our natural resources. She is also the Communications and Outreach Coordinator at the New Mexico Acequia Association

The Philip Glass Second String Quartet is subtitled “Company” and was used for Samuel Beckett's theater piece of the same name. Laupheimer took that cue for the title of the program and says that Chatter is “good company!”

Meredith Monk is someone who has looked to connect people across the globe all her life. Her first string quartet was written for the Kronos Quartet and she was struck by their “passionate commitment.” The movements are titled Cliff Light, Tendrils, Obsidian Chorale and Phantom Strings.

Laupheimer will join Felberg and the Hollands for Andrew Norman’s scintillating “Light Screens.” Norman says “the initial inspiration for this piece came from Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass window designs, which he termed ‘light screens.’ These designs use simple shapes like the square and the rhombus in repetitive patterns, and they often feature a lively dynamic of asymmetry between areas of intense geometric activity and expanses of largely empty space”

This exciting, contemporary program is a celebration of cultures, good company, music and poetry, with the opportunity for reflection. For tickets and more information, visit the Taos Chamber Music Group website at Tickets are also on sale at the Harwood Museum, 758-9826, where there is a discount for museum members. Lambert's Doc Martin's, Martrys and the Gorge Bar and Grill restaurants offer TCMG ticket holders dinner discounts after the concerts.


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