Lisa Donald, cello

    Lisa Donald is an Albuquerque native with a life-long passion for music. As a young person, it was something she did almost without thinking. As a youngish older person she contemplates the ins and outs and guts and skin and bones and sweat of music and sound and how all of those relate us to each other and ourselves and our hearts.
    A teacher of hers once said, "Never ignore an opportunity to make a beautiful gesture," a concept which she as taken to heart in all of life. Each moment has potential to be beautiful in its own enriching, challenging, exquisite, frustrating, strengthening, releasing, powerful way, and she feels most honest when those moments for her are expressed through music.
    She teaches privately, plays with the NM Philharmonic and Santa Fe Symphonies, and has an active freelance career. You can find her on YouTube under the name "Cellista Lisa".